Aug 29, 2017

South Thoresby Rally- Bank Holiday Weekend



We were blessed with glorious weather. All members entering the fishing match caught with good weights.The outright winner was Ron Needham who not only took the first prize money but also the Graham Banks Memorial Shield to hold for 1 year. Also several members took a trip into Alford for the craft weekend and all that was going on in the town.

Just because is says fishing rally remember all are welcome, the venues are very nice with some having vans sited with beautiful lake views.

Next weekend is the inter-centre fishing rally hosted this year by Derbyshire and I wish the Lincs team the best of luck.

We have nearly completed our arrangements for 6 rallies next year, so hope to see you at some of them

New Posts
  • jamesworts
    Apr 28
  • Nick Nickerson
    Sep 17, 2018

    We are new to caravaning ( at 70+?) so won’t get much done this year but looking forward to next year. We are interested in rallies but no nothing about how we go about attending. We would probably enjoy them but need advice. To say we are green is an understatement.
  • timberjohn27
    Jul 13, 2018

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