1.        Times – Rallies open at 4 pm (unless otherwise stated in the Rally Book entry) on the first day, and caravans must not arrive before the stated times PLEASE VACATE THE SITE BEFORE SUNSET (or earlier if specified in the rally letter)

2.        Membership – Current membership cards should be available for inspection at all Centre Rallies.

3.        Vehicles – Must not exceed walking pace on site and only persons possessing a full driving licence are permitted to drive on-site. Learner drivers are not permitted to drive on site, including those on motor cycles.

4.        Water/Sanitation – Your own sanitation is necessary on all rallies. Toilets should only be emptied at the Elsan Disposal Point provided. Taps are provided for drinking water only. Toilets and animals should not be brought within 6ft of the taps. Drinking water taps should not be used for flushing or filling toilets.  Disposal facilities will be provided for the emptying of chemical toilets where possible.

5.        Rubbish – Arrangements cannot be guaranteed for dry rubbish disposal at rallies. Members must take their rubbish home and not put it in the disposal pit if no dry rubbish facilities are available.

6.        Cycles, Roller Skates, Skateboard etc – These must not be ridden or used within caravan lines.

7.        Children – It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that children do not trespass or cause damage to the landowners’ property. Ball games, kite flying, Frisbee's including swing ball are not to be played in the vicinity of the caravans or in the vicinity of overhead cables.   Also catapults or air guns are forbidden on rallies, Parents will be held responsible for any damage caused by their children.

8.        Boules – May be played within caravan roadways only and at a distance of a minimum of two metres from caravans.

9.        Dogs and Domestic Animals – Must be kept on a suitable lead of not more than two metres (6ft.) and under control at all time. They must not be allowed to foul the ground in the vicinity of the caravans, but must be exercised on the extreme perimeter. Owners must remove accidental fouling by dogs within the caravan lines. All dogs should be wormed. Dangerous Breed Dogs will not be accepted on rallies under any circumstances.

10.     Noise  – Must be kept to a reasonable level at ALL times, but to the absolute minimum between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. – Spare a thought for your neighbours.

11.     Generators – Please be considerate when using a generator, which should only be used between 11 am and 9 pm and for a maximum of 4 hours in that period, or as, requested by the Rally Marshal. . It may be for your benefit, but it could annoy your neighbours.

12.     Tents – Use of PUP TENTS is permitted on Centre Rallies at the discretion of the Rally Marshal with the stipulation that only one tent is used per unit and that it must be pitched within the area which would be taken up by a full sized awning, or alternatively, between the rear of the caravan and the adjacent hedgerow provided the area is totally traffic free.

13.     Gazebos – Gazebo's may be allowed at the discretion of the Rally Marshals, but they must not be allowed to affect the privacy or safety of other ralliers and their outfits or to inconvenience them.

14.     Wet Ground – To avoid unnecessary damage to the site and entrances, members are expected not to use their cars unnecessarily and to adhere to the Rally Marshal’s instruction.  When the Yellow flag is flying the Rally Marshal must be consulted before moving any vehicle onto, off or within the site.

15.     Accepting a Tow – Members accepting a tow from a 4 x 4 or any other vehicle do so entirely at their own risk. If assistance is required, please inform the Rally Marshal. Contributions towards the cost of tow would be appreciated and should be made to the owner of the towing vehicle. No children to help push cars or caravans.

16.     Barbecues – Barbecues must not be held inside awnings or less than two metres from awnings or caravans.

17.     Saving a Pitch – If you wish to save a Pitch, you are responsible for meeting your colleagues at the site entrance, and showing them to their pitch.

18.     Sale of goods – In accordance with The Caravan Club bylaws the sale of goods including alcohol is prohibited on all Centre Rallies apart from the sales of Lincolnshire Centre equipment or with the prior permission of the Centre Committee.

19.     Raffles – No raffles or advertising materials are permitted on rallies except with the prior consent of the committee.


21.     Rally Programme – The Committee have the right to change the programme if necessary. Whilst efforts will be made to advise members of changes you should, if you have not rallied for some time, check with the Rally Secretary for up-to-date information